Managing Sign-ups:

You can add participants to your tournament in a number of ways depending on the type of tournament you want to run. The fastest way to get started is to add every single participant by yourself using the 'Add in bulk' button.

If that's not enough for you, you have a couple of other options that are explained in detail below.

Public Sign-ups:

After opening sign-ups, visitors of your site will see a message asking them to sign up for your tournament. How signing up works for them exactly differs slightly based on the options you set for participant type and registration required, so it is a good idea to set these options before you open sign-ups to visitors.

After a participant has filled the required information to sign up, he will initially be put onto a waiting list where you or another admin can then decide to accept or reject his sign-up.


Check-ins are an automated way to check if the participants that signed up for your tourney are actually around when you want to start the tournament. They are set up in pretty much the same way the opening and closing dates for the public sign-ups are.

There are a few more things worth knowing, namely:

  • If you enabled check-ins, only the players marked as checked in will be added to the tourney when you start it
  • Checking in is only possible as long as sign-ups remain open
  • Unregistered participants are automatically checked in, as there's no way for them to check in

Registration Required:

While registering with does not take very long, it's still another step required that could prevent a few participants from signing up for your tourney. However, there are a few reasons why you may want to enforce registration anyway:

  1. self-reporting match results through the site
  2. check-ins before you are about to start the tourney
  3. automatic ranking and seeding based on previous matches
  4. sending private messages to participants through the site

It is worth noting, that any player you add yourself to the site is handled the exact same way any other unregistered participant is. So if you want to fully enforce registration, you should not add any players to the site by yourself.

Participant Type:

This option is pretty straight forward: If you set this option to Teams, unregistered visitors will be asked to enter a list of team members and registered visitors will have to create a team on their profile page.

By the way, requiring registration and setting the participant type to Teams only requires one player of the team to register. So it shouldn't be a very big barrier of entry for signing up.

Setting the date sign-ups are opened and closed:

Public Sign ups are controlled by an opening date and a closing date. Visitors of your site can sign up the moment the opening date you set has passed and will be able to do so until the closing date is reached.

Both of these dates can be set in two different ways.

  1. using the 'Open/Close Public Sign-ups' button, will set the date to the current time
  2. using the 'Open/Close at' button will open or close the sign-ups at the specified time